Spick and Span house, What’s that again?

I am sure you are proud of your housekeeping skills? Are your homes good enough to be on the cover page of Good Homes? Chances are you don’t have children under eight! If you have children at home, forget about having a spick and span house. I know there are people who have children and still manage to have a beautiful house; personally, I just believe they are superhuman and one in a million. For mere mortals like me, it’s a herculean and never ending task.
When the children are at home, there is hardly anything that is in its place. Toys will be found everywhere except the toy storage. Playing or not, they have to be on the floor! The moment you pick them up, one of them will come looking for it. If not toys, then even the kitchen utensils will do! In the morning rush hour when the tiffin needs to go on time, children has the urge to get the whole kitchen down!
By the time you have taught your child to put things in place, the younger one is old enough to throw them around, so basically your house is a perpetual mess till both of them are at least seven years old and that my friend is a long time. Currently, building house with pillows has caught my daughter’s fancy, so all the pillows in the house are in the living room at any given point in time. Why the living room you ask? Because cushions from the sofa are fundamental in making a good cushion/pillow house. My pleas, begging, shouting, even an occasional whack as resulted in zero improvements and now I have made peace with a pillow land that I call my living room.