This time, I am trying hard not to send my child to a summer camp. Of course, he is loitering around and watching TV.

What am I trying to do actually with him in a LONG summer vacation?

In my good childhood and adolescent days, my mom made sure that I was learning something new every summer and was kept busy. Knock, knock! Is everything useful? Was my learning in my beautiful childhood planned for JUST IN TIME or JUST IN CASE?

Since I run a playschool, I work with the children, watch them very closely in their growing years and we design their day and the activities based on what is really needed to have a happy life.

Well! I am taking a chance to not to do any art and craft, robotics, vedic maths, zumba or things like this summer.

I am taking a chance to make sure that

1: He is bathing himself without my assistance and keeping away his wet towel for drying
2: He sets his wardrobe, his bookshelf and his toys cupboard
3: He cleans up his dishes from the dining table
4: He is helping me sort veggies during shopping and he must feel the heat of the summer while holding big and heavy carry bags from the vegetable shop to the car.
5: He is cutting melons and mangoes and serving the family
6: He calls the water vendor to deliver water when he finds out that we are about to run out of water.
7: He wakes up on his own
8: He finds a friend circle in the society and plans his play dates and what games to play
9: He must spend time with his cousins and grandparents
10: He should sort out expense bills and put them in the files
12: Feel hungry and eat independently.
13: He should resolve his conflicts with his friends
14: Share the TV remote control with his grandmother
15: Learn to take rest and feel happy
16: Laugh together with his mom and dad on silly jokes.
17: Feel the pain when cousins do not let him talk or listen to him or let him play
18: Make fun of himself