Homeschooling and Open schooling

Homeschooling is an age-old method adopted across the world when parents choose to educate their children at home using less formal ways and decide not to send their children to a formal school. Homeschooling is understood to benefit, to a larger extent, children to have their self-motivated pace and stages in their learning journey. Apparently, setting educational and other life goals become much easier in homeschooling.

Ancient times in the history of India have witnessed and recorded parents and extended families as responsible caretakers who built critical life skills in their children at home. Alongside, education institutes participated with parents to take those life skills forward. These institutes took the responsibility of imparting higher-order-thinking-and-execution skills in their disciples and facilitated them to achieve greater goals in life.

The distinction was well-defined and each contributor worked reliably.

In the current times, rapidly changing dynamics and unprecedented avatar of technology have changed the meaning of education completely. Schooling children at home is meant to break away from the vicious and spiral cycle of the current education system.

Often, homeschooling is misconstrued as boycotting the formal schooling system for its badness.

However, at Diversity, we philosophically understand that homeschooling is as big a movement as growing affable and responsible citizens like ones in schools ideally.

Also, “It takes a village to raise a child“brings us a sincere responsibility to participate actively in this movement while parents choose to raise happy and responsible citizens.

To make it work in the favor of our children, the pandemic of Covid-19 has left no choice with parents and schools but to support nurturing children at home and help each other to make a better society for our children.

Currently, we are helping children up to the age of SEVEN. There is no prior qualification required. We start from where the child is emotionally ready to absorb concepts of learning willfully.

Diversity would support with its collective expertise and experience of 35+ years to parents who have decided to do homeschooling in the current pandemic situation and also while they would want to continue with homeschooling forever in the future.

We are open to the idea of open schooling at the same time to support parents to create a conducive environment for their children’s optimal learning and happiness by providing them to choose the learning domains or subjects in which they need ‘expert support.

Diversity is unique in fostering a strong partnership with its parent community to help in growing HEAD, HEART, and HANDS of our young children. It helps parents to get training so that they can appreciate the holistic development of their children and work with them in a better way. Diversity helps parents to understand concepts before resorting to picking up materials from the internet.

Please feel free to speak to our admission counselor

Have a video call with the director to understand the whole process

Have a 3-day free trial with our App before you go with our Diversity Homeschooling model

Please feel free to speak to our admission counselor

Every fortnight, we have a video call on a one-on-one basis to clarify the doubts.

Any specific questions can be emailed to us. We will try to respond back within 24-48 hours.

We have a suitable combination of live and recorded sessions depending upon the nature of concepts and resources required pertinent to a concept or topic being facilitated.

We offer our basic program for a minimum period of three months to get optimal results and to record the learning progress of a child. Normal duration of the program is full academic year.

1. Flexible and accessible
2. Equipped with the domain expertise in the early years of learning
3. Subjects and concepts, you can opt per your choice
4. Easy entry and exit programs
5. Availability of online and offline dedicated programs and training
6. Facility for the child to socialize with his peer group as part of the program

Diversity follows an amalgamation of many well-known curricula. They are child-centric and suit your child’s personality & stage appropriate learning. However, we call our curriculum as VIVID Curriculum. For more details, please connect with the program coordinator.

They are the same fundamentally and logically. However, children who come to a full-fledged school have a different outlook of their social & physical learning exposure and journey.

Yes, more details would be updated on our website in June. Stay tuned!

Please refer to the answer in Q6.

Diversity believes in diverse approaches. The philosophies and choices are always yours.

According to your philosophy and the exposure and experiences that you decide to facilitate to your child, however, the homeschooling program at Diversity gives opportunities to its enrolled homeschoolers to come and attend the school as per plan opted by you.

Combinations like one-hour play or chat session or free play session or structured physical activities or movie time, or story sessions with the children in the same class can be explored with us per plan opted by you.

The subscription is available throughout the year.

Such concepts technically, parents take as their own responsibilities in their homeschooling ideas, however, Diversity supports the child to understand concepts and their importance.

Yes, we have a provision for such customizations. Fee part can be discussed during the enrollment process.

Yes, we will have online resources. Our Program manager is happy to discuss with you over a call.

We record our children’s learning journey through our online App and consolidate it in a transcript every five months. This transcript gives a better perspective to take the children to the next level of learning, i.e., fill the gaps if any, change the method, or find differentiated methods in facilitating concepts to the child. Parents participate with Diversity in recording the milestones during the whole journey.