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We, at Diversity, feel delighted to be part of the very young children community and take the sincere responsibility of fostering them to become affable and responsible human beings.

We have coined the word-DIVERSITY- for our playschool with a lot of deliberations and insightful discussions-luckily and aptly matching working style of our leaders, past experiences, their vision and mission-to make a great sense to our community and sound appropriate for the culture and environment where our tiny new brains and hearts are going to unwind, play, explore and eventually discover themselves.

We, at Diversity, enthusiastically aspire to be a catalyst in a navigating childhood when the child is in the making.

We propagate PLAY

Choice of PLAY

Designated Studios for focused learning

Building Critical Thinking and Execution skills through Independent Decision Making

Holistic Curriculum beyond literacy and numeracy

Admission Key Info

We enthusiastically welcome our parents to visit Diversity with a prior appointment. In the very first meeting, discussing more about your child and his/her childhood days and ideas are always more critical than just gathering the basic knowhow of DIVERSITY by you.

Why Diversity ?

One of the biggest decisions ever made in one’s life is choosing the right school for his/her child. It’s even more difficult to find a playschool where the child is given an opportunity to play and live a happy, healthy and fulfilling childhood. It does require some serious homework; let’s do one for your child at Diversity

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Admissions open starting from December 2023