Vision and Mission

At Diversity, children go by their evergreen deep-rooted Pedagogy of PLAY, PLAY, and PLAY to serve and realize our Vision and Mission (More the Diversity, better the society):

  • Respect Diversity: Respect each child’s uniqueness
  • Concept and Character Building: Nurture a child as a whole being
  • Create a content, responsible, and peaceful citizen. 

 While achieving the Diversity Motto

We do it by keeping the baseline of the 7C formula of Concept and Character Building

  • Choice(Choose learning according to Needs, Desire, and Trust)
  • Creativity and Critical Thinking (Independent Thinkers, Deep Divers, Risk-Takers)
  • Communication and Collaboration(Self-aware, aware of others, environmentally aware, Confident with Clarity, Productive & happy)
  • Care and Compassion (Peaceful & Content, Respectful & Grateful, and Responsible & Trustworthy)