With a few years of experience being around with kids, one thing I’ve found similar around the world is that kids need to learn how to believe in themselves to succeed. It doesn’t matter where they live, the process of cultivating a deeper sense of confidence happens in the same way wherever you are.

Recently, I worked with an eight-year-old girl in my apartment, who is highly creative and intelligent but struggles with self-confidence. I asked her, “Would you like to paint today?” and she replied, “I’m not sure if I can do it.” Of course, this is a clear sign that she still needs help building her sense of outer to inner confidence.
Any adult can foster a stronger type of confidence in their children. But here, I want to emphasize that children begin looking outside of themselves for validation (grades, acknowledgment from parents, trophies), and the process of building a deeper sense of self-confidence involves helping them look inward.
In other words, to teach inner confidence we need to teach children on a consistent basis that within them are power, capability, and greatness to overcome any obstacles with a bit of guidance, any child can learn how to become more confident.
These simple tips will help you get the process started

1. Give them a daily dose of spiritual confidence

Each day we need to reinforce the belief that our children are capable of greatness. This may be an affirmation, song, prayer, meditation, or something unique to your family or culture – the point is it needs to be done consistently, not sporadically, for best results.

2. Get Them Moving

Self-confidence starts with a healthy body and brain; when a child exercises regularly, eats healthy, stays hydrated, and gets a good night’s sleep, their brain creates positive pathways not just for physical, but for emotional health, too. So make sure your kids are moving, and, more importantly, that they get their exercise in while doing something they love.

3. Be Inspired Together

Whether it’s taking a trip to see magnificent waterfalls, flying a new kite on the beach, or learning to hula-hoop, do something with your child that lights him or her up. They’ll feel happier and stronger as they continue to build their skills and increase their growing sense of self-worth.

4.Create an Uplifting Space

Decorate your child’s room so it features happy photos of them, displays their awards and goals, and surrounds them with their favorite things. By making space feel comforting to your child, they’ll realize this world is supporting them, their dreams can come true, and everyone wants to see them succeed.

5.Empower them

Once children realize how powerful they are, the path to inner confidence becomes easier and more possible. If you encourage your kids to help others (from setting up lemonade stands to donating old toys), they’ll realize that they’re capable of promoting change – for the better.