Parents and parenting

We are sure that you also have, many times, heard young children saying, “My dad is the best in the world.” “My mom cooks the best.” “My dad can do anything.” “My mom knows everything.”

And it is genuinely true in all senses because the PARENTS are the FIRST TEACHERS of a child. The mothers or fathers are NOT required to be child psychologists or education experts or brain scientists, but yes, they must be the ardent believers of the fact that the care and education in the early years of a child (2000 days) are paramount and most critical to lay a sound foundation.

“Babies experience an unrivalled period of growth and opportunity during these first five years. And yet all these amazing feats and the many more do not just happen automatically. The research makes it ever clearer, what we do as parents and how we interact with our children during this time stands to considerably help (or hinder) their development.” (The Toddler Brain-Dr Laura Jana)

Someone has written it so pertinently

  • My child isn’t my easel to paint
  • Nor my diamond to polish!
  • My child isn’t my trophy to flaunt
  • Nor my dummy to taunt!
  • My child isn’t my badge or my honour,
  • Nor my respect that he/she must protect!
  • My child isn’t an idea or a fantasy,
  • Nor my reflection or legacy!
  • My child isn’t my puppet or my project,
  • Nor my pawn or my cadet!
  • My child is here to fumble and stumble
  • To get in and out of trouble!
  • My child is here to try,
  • To fall & to cry!
  • My child is here to unravel the mysteries,
  • To educate oneself & rewrite histories!
  • My child is here to make his/her own choices,
  • To exercise his/her freewill & experience the consequences!

As a Parent,

My task is to make my child able & capable,

    • To keep aside my ego & be by his/her side!
    • My task is to guide & educate,
    • To let be & not frustrate!
    • My task is allow him/her to ponder,
    • And see my child grow into a Wonder!

At Diversity, we fervently, carry this forward as a job of partnership with our parents.

As the first playschool of your child where the child is being given many opportunities to explore the world and the people, celebrate the childhood, discover own self, we always want to make sure that you are part of the journey and we enjoy it together.