Purpose of Education

Why Schooling and Learning?

We, at Diversity, understand that a child’s learning journey consists of experiences anywhere and everywhere in a true sense, not just by studying at school.

However, a child comes to school, i.e, a community of children to have it in more expanded forms

  • Exposure and Activities for going from known to unknown

     Discovering new, making connections, and growing towards attaining a purpose of life

  • Exposure and Activities for unfolding different bits of intelligence and increasing neuron powers

     Unleash the Powers of our brains

  • Experience that education is life

     Possibility Thinking

  • Exposure to Activities for muscle memory building

     Practice, Practice, and Practice

  • Exposure and Activities that include both of the above

     Skill(s) Development

  • Experience that the world is a safe place to live happily

     Peace and Happiness

  • Exposure and experiences for building a concept and character in a child

     UNESCO Motto of Education