Study or Play

Once upon a time, when children used to attend their schools physically, in our school, a 5-year-old talkative Vivider asked me, ‘Mehek, because we come here to play in the school, this is why you call it Diversity The Playschool.’ ‘Oh yeah, you are right, this is why it is called a playschool.’ I seconded her exactly in the passionate tone that she had.
While choosing the right name for our kindergarten center, I was quite thoughtful that this school would be for a child to come and play. It would not be a pre-school because this term did not make any sense to me.
The school has grown to a primary school during this pandemic. Along with the world, Diversity also runs its playschool online. The grade-one-and-two students have grown.
Their parents think and say that now their children have grown big, it is time for them to become serious for their studies. It is all the more serious because their parents are also involved in their studies in online classes.
Hmm! there comes the tussle between two best well-wishers of the child, i.e., their parents and their school.