School ready or Life ready

All these years, I have heard at least 1200 parents during the admission counselling, hardly ever, any of them has asked me if a playschool could help children get life ready.
I feel pretty uncomfortable when parents ask me if I have a Montessori setup or I follow CBSE curriculum or some international curriculum. No one ever asks me if I understand children’s needs their innate quality of being natural learners and being unconditionally happy, their wonderful connection with life and their imagination for endless possibilities.

Another question that gives me goosebumps is if their child would be able to clear the test in literacy and numeracy conducted by so-called good K-12 schools which deny admissions basing their decision when the child does not do well in numbers and English language.

Come on mommies and daddies, unless you are ready to change your perspective and get better in your understanding, it is hard to change the ecosystem of education.

The other day when my sis-in-law happened to mention that she was afraid if her daughter would get admission in FMS with 96%. I know we all get succumbed to such life situations.

I feel painfully miserable when I find parents as one of pillars of creating a happy and confident human being out of a child IGNORANT to the core.

Let’s have the right questions for all of us:

Question: Will my child be able to write?
Question differently asked: Will you be able to create interest for writing in my child?

Question: Will my child be able to speak in English?
Question differently asked: Will my child love learning new languages?

Question: Why does not my child finish his lunch?
Question differently asked: Am I sending too big a portion for my child to finish in the lunch time?

Question: Do you have live CCTV access in your playschool?
Question differently asked: Can I trust you and your staff for my child’s safety. What measures do you have to ensure that?

Question: Will you be able to finish the syllabus in the given timeline?Question differently asked: Will you able to reach my child by learning my child’s learning style?

Question: What is your teacher’s profile?
Question differently asked: Are your teachers and other people around my child passionate about their jobs and playful?

Question: What is the adult: child ratio?
Question differently asked: Will your teacher be able connect with my child individually and soulfully?

Question: Why cannot my child write number names?
Question differently asked: When will you help children learn spelling rules?

Question: Why do not you arrange a painting competition?
Question differently asked: What are those activities in which children collaborate?

Aha, the list is endless, trust me, life readiness is something you are already doing with your child, you are NOT IGNORANT, you are NOT GULLIBLE, trust me, you have to have your playschool participate with you.

Let’s think loud and think together.

Happy finding a right playschool for your lil one.