Revisiting and aligning our philosophies

Through this blog, reaching out to our existing parents and new ones to facilitate exploration and alignment of Diversity-Parent philosophies which will go a long way in continued patronage, association, and a fruitful partnership with Diversity for our children’s community- 

  • Diversity philosophy and approach are oriented as a new-age progressive school and understand the Gen-Z child’s needs. Do our current-generation parents relate to children’s learning and educational needs for their short-and-long-term future?
  • Some pertinent questions for creating food for thought, building a newer perspective, and subsequently getting into an action plan, i.e., alignment of the philosophies of your child’s school and yours must be done before enrolling your child.  Have you done with us at Diversity? 
  • A burning question of all times- How soon and how much numeracy, literacy, and EVS should be taught to rest every parent’s insecurity and FOMOs? Isn’t it high time to reflect and strike a balance between academic and rot learning and exploring child’s shining spots right from childhood? e.g., Streams like music, dance, painting, writing, drama, sports, designing, farming & gardening, and many such that have full-time careers and lifetime passion. 
  • When a child is not ready to learn intellectually and emotionally, is it a meaningful push to finish a syllabus for that child or that grade? 
  •  Parents know and understand that children don’t pay attention or listen when we teach and preach to them. What should a school do with its children?  Play or Teach? 
  • Education philosophies and curricula cater to your child’s needs, interests, and trust to build connections with the world. And, Diversity takes care of this by NOT following only one stream of them. Are you thoughtfully aligned on this?  
  • Do parents fully appreciate the difference between project-based learning and doing a real-life project?  
  • Parents understand that every child is unique and a complete being, then why compare with other children!   
  • Diversity’s approach to learning has started shifting from mollycoddling (spoon-feeding) to heuristic (nudging to go on the path of discovery). Having successfully operationalized it, we plan to continue with this approach for all subjects. Are parents ready to embrace this philosophy and approach around their children’s education starting from AY-2022-23?
  •  Are you aware that transition from Diversity to another school or outside world will certainly be smooth if the child is willfully inclined to learn and respect the world?