Preschool is not just about abc’s and 123

It’s more to it than what we need

Going to the school holding a hand

Coming back as confident child will make me stand

The values learnt at home

Is polished in preschool

With the understanding of nature, I learn the different cultures too

The small milestones that I achieve, Will build my attitude towards everything

With the skills I learnt here, Can show my real character everywhere

The art and craft, DIY activities that I do here

Is not just playing with colours, making things messy

It holds the capability to enhance my creativity

It changes my perception towards the nature

Giving me the power to find the solutions in the future

Mom, you do tell me beautiful stories

But when I learn it through various methods by my teacher

I actually understand the real meaning of every action and figure.

When you say that I go to playschool just to play

I want to add that I’m just sharpening my social and emotional skills during that play

Papa you gave me the pencil and my teachers taught me to hold it

You gave me books and my teachers taught me how to read it

Together, you all can make learning so easy

Then why in this Pandemic you taking my studies so lightly

Let me do my school, for the holistic development of mine

So what if it is online

I still want to join!

–By Jyoti Kanojia