Parents & School Play an Important role in Early Childhood development

As a parent, we would like to see our children one step above from our situation. One of the important aspect in parenting is to provide better education or learning experiences so they handle various life situations without much struggle. Also it is important to teach Ethics & values from childhood which we got from our elders to continue the legacy and contribute to better society. With great experiences from our elders as well as lot of knowledge which is available handy in many forums, we are learning continuously and adapting ourselves to experience parenting in a good way!

Schooling plays an important role in child’s educational development activities other than Family & Neighbourhood.
I had been searching for a pre-school which is very foundational for the child where we (parent) get an opportunity to talk or share a dialogue for the betterment of the child and a School where they understand each child development problems uniquely and provide guidance both to the child and Parent where applicable.

I got to know about “Diversity, The Play School” from a family friend and had a visit to the school once. After my interaction with Mehek, I got into an impression that our expectations will be fulfilled at this school and admitted both my kids.

While time passes, our interaction with school started officially with a parent teacher meet. As mentioned in our interaction, Mehek and her faculty made the online schooling as a partnership between Parents & School in the child’s development.

Since then we had multiple experiences.

1. To begin with, lot of discipline fall in place with the school 🙂
2. DIY tools and learning materials – Received lot of guidance from the school to prepare each and every tool which child can experience at school with everyday use materials available at home and also involved Child in this making process and it has become a very fun filled experience for the child as well.
3. Creative thinking for Parents to teach various aspects in a fun way to the kid. For Parents, it’s an opportunity to re-learn everything in a different form. There is a lot of guidance from School on this aspect to think creatively. This is a great experience indeed.
4. Integration of each & every learning with music, dance, art & craft work.
5. A unique learning experience in every class!
6. Not just words but in action, a friendly behaviour with the kids!
7. Observation on each and every child, understand their challenges and provide guidance to the parents to overcome them.

Thank you for your support & guidance!

By our PP2 child’s dad