Open letter to Diversity the Playschool & it’s team

I was looking for a nurturing environment for my 3.5 years old boy. Every thing new caught his attention. Leaving old ones by his side, he was all ears to any thing new. Be it a new concept, a scintillating phenomenon, a colourful picture book or a fascinating story.

He wouldn’t sit in one place for a moment UNLESS you bring one of the above which could easily bind him.

I knew, I need a preschool which drew no boundaries for my inquisitive preschooler. And my search landed me to your sparkling clean premises. I found Diversity the Playschool to be stylish, and green. It had attractive play area, activity rooms instead of classrooms, staircase leading to a library, large space at top to accommodate many physical activities, pleasant faces along the way and last yet not the least – enthusiastic and confident demeanor of its principal.

That point on, I looked no further. Diversity the Playschool at Gachibowli provided the perfect nurturing environment for my son. They don’t teach, they ingrain knowledge. This playgroup, nursery and preschool pays attention to each child, and guides him and his parents individually.

My child is in Grade 1 this year. His preschool sailed brilliantly through the pandemic. Pandemic didn’t affect their educational targets at all. My son learnt the art of reading in PP1 at age 5, kudos to my kid’s school.

I wouldn’t have asked for a better playing school for my child.

Mother of a happy Vivider