Miracles happen

As a person, since my childhood, I love miracles. Since I am a playschool facilitator, I see miracles happening around me. Those miracles are our children and I can’t stop adoring them and feeling ecstatic.

Great adaptability: Yes, we guide them and consult them time and again. From gradually changing to a new biological clock to going off the diapers, from eating themselves to having no leftovers in the lunch box, throwing things to arranging things in a perfect order

I see learning more than one language, super easy thing for them to do because they never fear to fail. Icing on the cake is they switch between at least three languages while communicating with three different adults

I see “trust”: from their stranger anxiety on the first day to making us their role models

Risk-taking ability: We scaffold and they keep achieving levels in no time

Happiness: This is NOT dependent on anything, we simply giggle together for no reasons and we guffaw if any of them farts. We rap slow to fast and fast to slow and there comes tons of happiness

Sharp memory in a tiny little head: Knowing each one’s bottle to shoes to time table to rhymes to numerous characters in a story. Uff, a tiny clip, lost, is found and handed over to the right friend

Confidence and curiosity: They are their tertiary level characteristics. They do not need any intervention from us

Not forget to mention, going from unknown to known, concrete to abstract, a frail hand grip to writing in gridlines, the list is endless

I am always overwhelmed to remind myself:

Am I doing scientifically correct
Oh I must NOT kill their innate curiosity
I am nurturing the grounds for creativity
Am I upgraded enough to understand their present needs correctly
Am I mindful enough to treat them as complete human beings.
Am I letting them play and live because they are living here and now

Yes, it is indeed miraculous to see a child growing and fortunate to be a catalyst.