If there were no schools….

If there were no schools, the children-parent bond would become stronger as we are the ones who spend a lot of time with them. They work as their mentors, teachers, gurus, facilitators and what not to guide them. I know it’s a very big task for each and every parent as they have to handle their profession/business along with their children nurturing.

The children who have the clarity of what they want to become in the future can focus on those areas and can become successful. Some of them want to be a cricketer, artist, fashion designer and so on. 

They can completely focus on their goals. No exams, no stress and no deviation.

People can start working at a young age, they get hands-on experience at an early age which makes them reach their analytical stage very soon. They may even evolve.

People can understand real life instead of books and they can become street smart. They know how to behave with everyone and they can analyze people better which could not be taught in any schools.

 But the percentage of the children when we consider will be less, and most of the children will not get holistic development or the overall development. If there were no schools, the children would feel bored staying at home.

Disadvantages of not having schools:

  1. Children will not maintain their routine.
  2. Children will not get holistic development.
  3. Children will not have any degree.
  4. Children of the same age will have different levels of knowledge in different areas. It mostly depends on the child’s interest and sometimes parents.

During the children’s brain development we should give them the chance to explore and expose themselves to all the different areas that which we as a parent cannot provide them at home.

These days, the schools are integrating the fun based learning or play based learning or hands on activities which makes the learning more effective and also make them more aware of what they are learning.

With this children get connected with the real life scenarios.

I agree that schools play a very important role in the child’s life and I support each and every child should go to the school to know what is happening around them. I strongly support and appreciate the schools if the teaching is more meaningful to the child and let’s understand every child is different, unique and special. Every child’s learning style will be different. We should understand and respect their differences.

Written by C. Sravanti