Diversity, at its DNA, revolves around the very fact every child is unique, different, coming with a social or ethnic background, has a certain DNA, has been exposed to a certain learning to a certain degree and our job is to nurture and give a direction to him/her.

Having said that apart from nurturing certain skills or intelligence, our job is to expose the child to all of the developmental areas to build connections in the brain and the heart because they are integral and interrelated and complete one another.

The following may help our parents understand our approach and philosophy.

  • Our brain makes a habit and eventually, it becomes our style of doing things with a certain attitude and in a certain way-It’s your CHARACTER
  • Brain makes a path, builds upon and stretches on and on-CONCEPT/COMPETENCE

Though the attributes of the above listed-CHARACTER AND CONCEPT-aspects are endless, however, it can be covered as following because in the early days of life, the child must get exposed to all these with the same degree of importance:

  • Physical development
  • Social-emotional development
  • Creative and aesthetics development
  • Cognitive development (critical thinking)
  • Language development
  • Spiritual development

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