Becoming a parent is a choice or a compulsion

Someone has said it so aptly that becoming a parent completes you. Yes, we run a full cycle of living life again with our young ones.

I vividly remember my son’s first comfy pose on my chest. He rested so securely. He would grow exuberantly and fearlessly each day with his father and me. When his father would throw him in the air for fun, he would squeal and celebrate it fearlessly and would, many a time, ask for more.  When I would coax him into finishing the last bite on his plate, he would abide without fail, although with my explanations that throwing food means hurting mother earth.

Oh yeah, he shamelessly binges on our bad habits and shortcomings as well. Before questioning him and correcting him, I get into deep thinking. And I find faults with me all the time.

One of these days, I was sitting with a very passionate psychologist, discussing at length on the learning gaps of my child. Every instance, she described minutely, every time, I was at fault again.

‘I am quite confused, ma’am. I am such an involved and conscious mother, but still! Look at my long list of errors. How about the parents who are oblivious of such facts?’ I asked overwhelmingly.

She smiled at me and said, ‘Parenting is the biggest responsibility one could have on earth.’, and she stopped as if I understood everything.

Since I am a passionate edupreneur who deals with children in a play school and a grade school day in and day out, I bought her point of view with a heavy heart and a puzzled mind.

And I was ready with my arguments:

1:  We don’t sit and think through why we should have children. We simply make children because we are genetically hardwired to reproduce or because of some weird societal pressure, security, and status.

2:  Nobody gives us training before becoming a parent.

3:  We are NOT perfect as humans. How can we do perfect parenting?

4: How is it possible that every parent knows child psychology?

She gracefully validated my observations by stating that either you fall in love with a new life or you must be ready to understand its nuances before you zero in to have a new life in your life.  I think we should agree with her.

I have fallen in love with Sadhguru’s simple logic that children exhibit life energy exuberantly and we have to match ours with their energy for nurturing them and giving them the right directions.

My heart sinks to realize that they are born with all virtues that one requires to live a wholesome life but we go on chopping them by bossing them, copping them, and judging them ruthlessly.

Parents and Educators! Can we take a pledge to do the following…

I will serve at their energy level.

I will kindle their curiosity.

I will bring my discipline to their level because they are born with great discipline.

I will help them learn to be respectful and grateful by being respectful to them.

I will show them I am a seeker. I will not stop until I find to set the right example for them.

I will show them that happiness is an integral part of living.

Yes, I have decided that I will love my child unconditionally. How about you!