Beautiful takeaways to home

Diversity’s biggest mission has always been to empower the teachers with scientific and technical skills of facilitating our Vividers’ learning along with having a great bond but these beautiful takeaways come their way and it sets me thinking

I have decided to give it a serious thought if Diversity should also do it and if Vividers would have any value addition in their learning.  And, before Diversity starts following the herd that believes in beautiful takeaways to give away to children on an occasion, it is imperative to answer the following questions.

1:  Who makes the takeaways?

2: What do they signify?

3:  How do they add a value in our children’s learning?

4:  What time do the facilitators do such things?

  1. While the classes running, if yes, then at the cost of the children’s time and space
  2. If no, it is done after school, then how does it contribute to our children’s learning

5:  Why are they so picture perfect?

  1. To impress the parents (My answer is ‘NOT FAIR)
  2. To develop children’s aesthetic sense (My answer is FAIR ENOUGH)
  3. Do we need to make it so perfect (My answer is ‘NO’)

                 Blah, Blah and Blah…………..

Diversity is still not convinced to start this for its Vividers

We need a very scientific reason to start takeaways….

We invite different opinions